Le Poète Maudit du Tristesse Entendu (ericsilverbear) wrote in ihategwb,
Le Poète Maudit du Tristesse Entendu

Open Letter to Sen. Hillary Rodham-Clinton: STFU

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

You will NOT be President of the United States of America. Get Over It. Do what you pledged to do and get behind who the people of the Democratic Party REALLY want to be our nominee. Stop giving fuel to our opponents and casting doubt over his ability to lead. Read what the Associated Press is reporting about how the Super Delegates are, en mass, flocking to the junior senator from Illinois. In fact, be joyful and go back to Congress and be the best damn senator this country has ever seen! Petition to become the Majority Leader so you can deliver the senior chamber to President Obama. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Thank you for listening.
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