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I know this is a bit off topic for this community, but it's in a similar political vein and I want to disseminate this information as far as I can. X-posted from my journal:


Synopsis: A (black) high school girl drops some cake on the floor and is subsequently attacked by a (white) school security guard uttering racial slurs, breaking her wrist/arm. Another student filming the incident with his cell phone is attacked and arrested. His sister attempts to intervene and is arrested. The girl's mother seeks an attorney and requests that the offending guard be arrested, and is subsequently arrested herself and suspended from her job at another school in the county. The girl is suspended from school for five days and then arrested for "battery" of the guard.

WHAT THE FUCK. I wish this was an isolated incident...but unfortunately it's just one particularly egregious example in a much larger pattern of increased authoritarianism and the accelerating decline of the Bill of Rights. The War on Terror is metastasizing Drug War police tactics and corruption into a much wider systemic problem :(
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